Is it right for me?

The training videos are designed to suit any kind of cycling amateur: from newcomers and Sunday riders looking to impress their friends, all the way to highly motivated racers.
Age and fitness are not critical factors.

What do the training sessions consist of?

Sports science suggests that fitness is best increased gradually. Our training tables reflect that approach.

  • Month 1: train and develop strength. Current methods no longer divide the season into hermetically-sealed phases. Today's riders work on all aspects of their fitness, varying the duration, the numbers and type of sets according to the time of year. Besides working on strength, these sessions also start laying the foundations for agility and threshold training.
  • Month 2: in the second month we start focusing more on threshold and agility, without losing sight of strength work.
  • Month 3: the final month consists of threshold and above-threshold sessions and of so-called metabolic training and some additional strength work.

Training intensity is highly personal. It depends on factors that can vary between individuals. As they are constantly referred to during the training sessions, it is important to know:

  • heart rate at anaerobic threshold;
  • power output at anaerobic threshold;

Training based on power output is recommended because it’s an objective, real-time measurement that doesn’t suffer from external interference by our metabolism.

For those who don’t have a power meter, it’s enough to wear a heart rate meter.

It’s important that every person know their Hear Rate at Anaerobic Threshold values and this is not just important for training.

How many training sessions a week do I have to complete?

The goal of this program is to maximize the results by optimizing the use of time.
To meet the needs of different types and levels of amateur cyclists, two schedules are offered: 24 videos providing two sessions per week, or 36 videos providing three weekly work outs.
Sessions last from 60 to 75 minutes each.

Indoor training or spinning bike, at home or in the gym? What else is needed?

Where and when you train is entirely up to you.
Any type of home trainer can be used, although variable resistance is preferable, the same goes for spinning bikes.
State-of-the-art interactive and smart home trainers and smart bikes with the latest software are ideal.
A heart rate monitor and cadence meter are essential.

I’m not very good with computers, is that a problem?

Absolutely not: the training videos use MP4 format which is standard on any device, PCs and Notebooks, whether Windows and Mac, and smartphones and tablets, using iOS or Android.
The videos can always be accessed in your private area and, to avoid occupying memory space needlessly, you will be able to download at any time the next video you want to use.

Is an Internet connection necessary?

Only to download the videos but you can use them without an Internet connection.

To fit the quality of your internet connection, the videos are available in three different formats:

  • HI-RES (1920x1080), size of each video approx. 900MB-1GB
  • MEDIUM-RES (1024x720), size of each video approx. 500MB-600MB
  • LOW-RES (640x480), size of each video approx. 200MB-250MB

If your internet connection allows, the videos can be viewed in live streaming

Can I use the training videos all year?

The training videos that you purchase can be used to strengthen your weak points, prepare for races and beat your friends on your weekend rides. They can be used every year, as pre-season preparation or, in-season, to reinforce your strength or stamina or simply to maintain your form.

How does it work?

The system works with a detailed evaluation of the athlete obtained through a self-test.
The athlete is also asked to insert his or her objectives: the start and finish date of the season, peak form, available training hours per week and available days.
Based on this information, Bike Personal Coach defines a first block of training sessions, with the right kind of workouts, volume and their distribution over the available training days.
At the end of the first block, another self-test can be taken to allow Bike Personal Coach to put together the second block of workouts, and so on, ensuring the athlete continuously improves performance.

Can it be used by everyone?

Absolutely yes!
The ability to evaluate the athlete’s fitness and define the workouts makes it useful for everybody, whatever level they are at (and therefore also for beginners).

What do you need to use Bike Personal Coach?

Bike Personal Coach can be used both indoor and outdoor. Only the self-tests should be done on an indoor trainer, smart trainer or spin bike.
These should have an ANT+ or Bluetooth connection to be able to interact with the app.

Do you need an internet connection?

Yes, to access your athletic profile.

Do you need a power meter?

The use of measurements in watt is preferable but also those who don’t have a power meter at their disposal can take the self-evaluation test and follow Bike Personal Coach’s training.

How often should I do the test?

Bike Personal Coach’s training is provided in blocks of 1 month at the end of which it automatically asks you to retake the self-evaluation test to highlight the progress made.

What happens when I interrupt the program for some time?

If because of unforeseen circumstances the athlete misses some training sessions, the system understands this and redefines the volume and distribution of the training sessions.

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