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‘An excellent training program is a program that is set up by competent trainers who work from a technical-scientific basis and use modern technology. Any kind of improvisation by athletes themselves in planning their training load, renders it highly improbable that any results in terms of performance will be reached and can even be counterproductive or cause damage’.

Davide Cassani

After the season’s goals and training period have been established, the Bike Personal Coach application will outline the macrocycles, mesocycles and microcycles for every qualitive aspect, whether its metabolic or strength related.

With Bike Personal coach the cycling amateur will know HOW MUCH and WHAT to do.

What it is needed:

  • a connected mobile device, smartphone or tablet;
  • a Ant+ key (if the protocol is not managed directly by the device);
  • a cardio frequency gauge Ant+;
  • home cyclotrainer or gymbike wireless Ant+ (interactive, smart and classic trainers, spinbikes…);
  • power meter (optional).

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