The fundamentals of cycling are those Must Know’s and Must Do’s that each cyclists should adhere so as to enjoy cycling safely and with respect for their bodies

Davide Cassani: “Encourage your kids to take on cycling. They will learn the values of effort and sacrifice and be taught the art of resilience.”

The Giro d’Italia is a great occasion for everybody. It is like a magnet attracting the curiosity of many passionate adults and a mass of television spectators who remain hypnotized by the heroic feats of the athletes. The Giro d’Italia is also a great occasion for the young. It provides an opportunity for them to be captured by an intuition, to be conquered by this sport and start their journey.

Daniel Fontana: “Switch from cycling to triathlon to vary your training and discover a new and fascinating discipline, but without obsessing!”

Daniel Fontana is the Italian triathlete with the most titles. He holds two Olympic titles and the 70.3 Vice World Champion title and is the only Italian to win two races of the Ironman circuit. He explains why the step from cycling to triathlon is small and can provide a lot of satisfaction but only if you apply common sense and the right amount of moderation.

Sports Psychology - part 1

Hello my dear friends from Bikevo! My first article for this blog is related to a question I had when watching the great professional cyclists during the classic Monument races these last weeks….

Sports Psychology

studies professional and non-professional athletes in individual and team sports to bring to light their mental mechanisms and improve athletic performance and overall wellbeing by trying to allow their performance potential to coincide with their actual performance.

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