The correct approach to sport nutrition

The basic principles of proper sports nutrition.

The performance of an athlete is influenced by different factors. Among the most important is undoubtedly nutrition.
When we speak of sports nutrition, we should not focus on one protocol spelling out the exact quantity and quality of food. Rather, we should familiarize ourselves with a series of specific notions that will help us adopt a balanced diet.
By better understanding the elements of a proper diet, we can ensure we set ourselves up in the best condition to express our full potential during races and workouts. 
If in a normal day, indications of an imbalanced diet can pass by unobserved, during a race these become very evident. It is enough to suffer from constipation, take a gel or the wrong drink, and ensuing stomach pains or vomiting might force us to withdraw. Throughout cycling’s history there are numerous examples of champions forced to give up the pursuit of a medal, only because of a simple mistake in nutrition. 
Although a lot of research is being done on sports nutrition, a certain level of confusion among athletes continues to persist and few precise indications are available.
Our aim will therefore be to go over the various scientific studies and, with the help of the data, provide you with insights and clarifications. This will not be an easy task, but it will be extremely helpful for you. 

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