It’s warm: the right drinks to hydrate - Part 1

The importance of hydration for the maintenance of good health and sports performance

Did you also feel the spring air that warmed our days and first bike rides dressed lightly? It’s important to start speaking about hydration especially for those who, like us cyclists, are on the bike for various hours, in particular during the warmer season. Hydration is fundamental for maintaining your athletic health and to ensure a good performance.

About performance and training method if you have not read it yet, please read this article by Davide Cassani.

The reaction of our body to heat

Muscle activity causes our body temperature to rise, and the body expels the excess heat produced as quickly as possible. To optimize the mechanism of thermoregulation, the body uses, among other resources, sweat. The production of sweat however causes the loss of important substances such as water and electrolytes. If this loss, even if it’s not too great, is not correctly addressed, various problems can ensue. A slight state of dehydration can also cause inconveniences such as muscle cramps, abdominal spasms or also, in more serious cases, a heat stroke.

How to hydratate properly

Correct rehydration and management of the hydration status, can prevent the onset of such problems and ensure the body is properly supported during the physical effort. It’s about the right timing. It’s not easy to keep up and compensate the loss with correct and adequate rehydration.

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