Bikevo completes his training in view of competitions, triathlon, mountain biking and road cycling.

Bike personal coach - solo test

Only Test

You will have access to 3 tests during the year to independently check your progress over time.


Do you want to prepare on time withAlessandro BallanDo you want to prepare on time with

Intensive 24

A 3-month program with 2 training sessions per week for a total of 24 workouts.

Extensive 36

A 3-month program with 3 training sessions per week for a total of 36 workouts.


Bike Personal Coach helps you improve by constantly guiding you in preparation, both indoors and outdoors.

Bike personal coach - Test e volumi


Get scheduled training program cycles based on your athletic qualities and the amount of time you have available; at the end of each training cycle, check your progress with the self-evaluation tests

Bike Personal coach

Bike Personal Coach

What does your Bike Personal Coach subscription include?

  • An easy-to-understand training plan
  • A virtual personal trainer at your fingertips
  • Critical Power Tests to assess your initial fitness and how you are improving over time
  • A training plan built around your available time
  • A program that optimises the quality and efficiency of your training

Bikevo App

Scarica ora l’app Bikevo per migliorare il tuo stato di forma e iniziare a battere i tuoi amici durante le uscite.


Scarica subito l’App per attivare la tua prima polizza.