Date of implementation: May 25th 2018

Welcome to Bikevo. We want our users to understand their rights with respect to the provision of the Services. Access to and use of the website www.bikevo.com, as well as access to/or use of the "Bikevo" application for mobile and desktop devices presuppose the knowledge and full acceptance of the terms and conditions reported below and which constitute the Terms and Conditions to which the company Bikevo srl allows the use of the Services.

The privacy of the User is of fundamental importance for Bikevo. The procedures for collecting and using personal information are described in our Privacy Policy.

Following are some key points of the document:
Account registration;
Access to services;
Service changes;
Intellectual property rights;
Content and services;
Bike Personal Coach and Training videos.

Terms of Service

The website www.bikevo.com, the related portable applications and services (collectively called "Services") are made available to the User by Bikevo Srl, located at: Via Gaspare Gozzi 1/A, 20129 Milan (MI) , Italy, VAT number IT09590610961, active in the field of amateur cycling, within which are provided functional training services in connection with the indoor cycling (the "Services") in accordance with the Terms of Service ("Terms") and to Bikevo's Privacy Statement ("Privacy Statement"). Further information on the Services can be found at https://bikevo.com. The User agrees to comply with these Terms and any additional conditions made available by Bikevo for the Services that are part of the Terms.


In case of access to or use of the Services on behalf of a company or another subject, the User declares to have the authority to bind the subject and its affiliates to these Terms, totally binding for all. In this case, the term "User" will refer to the subject and the affiliates. If you do not have authority, you can not access or use the Services. These Terms contain warranty exclusions and limitations of liability applicable to you.

Account registration

To use the services you need to create an account ("Account"), choosing username and password and providing all the required information. The User is responsible for the truthfulness of the data entered and ensures the confidentiality of his access data and of all activities carried out through his Account, unless he communicates, providing evidence, that it is and / or has been used from third parties without your consent. In this case, the User undertakes to immediately inform Bikevo of the contact indicated in the last paragraph, in the suspect case or becomes aware of an improper use or of an undue disclosure of the access data of his Account.

Bikevo will not be liable to the User and / or its claimants and to third parties for direct, indirect or consequential damages, including losses and costs incurred as a result of suspension or interruption of service.

Bikevo may cancel or suspend the User's Account at any time and without notice, where:

(i) reasonably believes that you are using the Account in violation of these Terms;

(ii) reasonably believes that a third party is using the Account without the User's consent;

(iii) consider it reasonably necessary to cancel or suspend the Account for security or maintenance purposes;

(iv) the Account has not been used on the Bikevo applications for a consecutive period of two (two) years.

The User may at any time cancel his Account by accessing the appropriate area of the Bikevo applications.

Access to services

Bikevo can not be held responsible in any way for any damage or inconvenience arising from suspensions or interruptions in access to the Site and / or the App Bikevo whatever the cause, even if attributable to Bikevo.
The Site and / or some Services and / or applications may be temporarily unavailable, even without notice, in case of system malfunction and assistance and / or repair and / or maintenance interventions.

Changes to the Services and change of Conditions

With a view to improving the browsing experience by the User, the services are constantly evolving and, therefore, the form, graphics and / or functions of the Website and / or the Bikevo App may be subject to changes, without Bikevo being required to notify the User of the changes and related contents.

Bikevo reserves the right to modify and / or update the content of these Terms, in whole or in part, and therefore, the User must regularly access this section to check from time to time the latest version of the Conditions in force.

Intellectual property rights and licensing conditions

Bikevo is the owner or otherwise licensee of any copyright or any other intellectual or industrial property right in any case connected to the Services, as well as any material, work and / or audio-video document generally contained in the Bikevo applications (collectively, the "Material"), As well as any brand or logo or distinctive sign referring to Bikevo (including domain names) and / or otherwise attributable to the same (the" Marks").

Both the Material and the Trademarks are protected by the laws on copyright and intellectual property, as well as by international treaties in force in Italy and in the world and, therefore, any right on the same that is not expressly authorized by these Conditions is forbidden.

The reproduction, in whole or in part, direct or indirect, temporary or permanent, of the Material and / or the Marks, is forbidden in any form; however, the User may print and download one or more pages of the Material, only for strictly personal purposes unrelated to any commercial, business or professional activity, provided that such reproduction and downloading activities are carried out for legitimate purposes and in respect, in general, any Bikevo intellectual property right.

It is also understood that no right of intellectual property or license can be attributed to the User for the sole fact of having extracted the Material and / or the Marks from the Bikevo applications, whose use and / or exposure are expressly prohibited (unless expressly authorized in writing Bikevo and / or the holder of the right).

In any case, the User is expressly forbidden to alter or make changes of any kind to all or part of the Material and / or the Marks (both in paper and digital format), as well as to use the images, illustrations, logos / trademarks and any other audio-video document for purposes not expressly authorized in writing by Bikevo.

Any use of the Material, the Trademarks and / or the Bikevo applications in violation of these Conditions entitles Bikevo to suspend the Account with the consequent cessation of access and use of the Bikevo applications by the User, which may be required, at the sole discretion of Bikevo, to return or destroy any material printed or downloaded in connection with the Services, reserved in any case the action of damage.

Contents and absence of responsibility

Bikevo assumes no responsibility for the contents, information and in general all the material on the Bikevo applications, which was published with the sole intent to constitute general information material.

Bikevo assumes no responsibility for the misuse that visitors and users may make of the indications on the Bikevo applications, does not guarantee the absence of errors and the correctness of the information published and assumes no responsibility for any data related to in the presence of errors, or erroneous or outdated information, while specifying that all the contents of the Bikevo applications have been disseminated and published only after careful verification of the sources and are accurate and updated as far as possible.

The information and articles in the Bikevo applications of any kind are not intended to provide treatment or prevention to disorders, diseases or clinical conditions, or substitute for medical treatment or as an alternative to a specialist consultation and constitute disclosure of the opinions of the Authors, for purely purposes information.

Bikevo the authors, collaborators and any other physical or legal entity related to the Bikevo applications decline any responsibility for the application of the advice, free information or those contained in the services / paid products on this site or on its subdomains which is instead charged User.

Bikevo the authors, collaborators and any other physical or legal entity do not assume any responsibility for the information in any form reported. The free information and those of each paid product and / or service from the Bikevo applications are not intended to replace the opinion of their doctor or the relationship between the User and another professional or specialist. The free information and those related to services and / or paid products have the purpose of facilitating communication between professional and user and it is always advisable to consult your doctor and / or your professional specialist reference figure before each application any advice or information obtained free of charge or on the Bikevo applications.

The free information and those related to services and / or paid products are aimed at people who have reached the age of majority and enjoy a state of good health. In addition, the information in all its forms or content have no claim or the objective of replacing the medical advice or other health or professional operators for the formulation of diagnosis, treatment plans, dietary, nutritional, training, food integration or rehabilitation therefore, they must be contacted and consulted even before following any free advice on this site or in any paid product and / or service.
Bikevo the authors, collaborators and any other physical or legal entity are not and will not be liable either towards visitors, nor Users, nor in general of third parties, of any eventual damage or loss related or connected to the use of the Bikevo applications or otherwise deriving from information, documents and / or materials contained in the Bikevo applications itself (ie contents and / or recalled in / from third-party sites).
Bikevo, the authors, collaborators and any other physical or legal entity connected to the Bikevo applications do not assume any responsibility for the misuse of the free information or those contained in the payable products linked to the site, which Users could make of it. Furthermore, Bikevo the authors, collaborators and any other physical or legal entity connected to the Bikevo applications are not liable for damages that may be complained by Users for any information or free and / or paid content that may impact their susceptibility or offend their sensitivity.

Bike personal coach and training videos

Bikevo invites you to undertake training programs and motor activities even non-competitive only after the favorable opinion of your doctor, who will certify the state of fitness to practice physical activity. Athletic training and motor activity are aimed at healthy people or with paramorphism or physical problems for which physical or motor sports can bring benefits.

The User who makes use of the Bike personal coach and Training videos services must first obtain a certificate of suitability for competitive sports, which must be valid throughout the period of use of the services.

The User is however obliged to check his state of health before every test and training and in any case he undertakes to monitor his state of health, even undergoing periodic visits and exams.

The User is invited to suspend tests and / or training and to contact the doctor or competent professionals in case he / she feels any annoyance, discomfort, disturbance or pain. The initial evaluation test is a means of assessment that can not take into account all the clinical parameters of the User and can not therefore be considered as a test performed with medical equipment or under medical supervision.

Training programs, including the texts, photographs, images, graphics, audio, video, audio-video clips and any other material, whether produced by Bikevo, or by Users or third parties it must be understood and must not be used as a substitute for advice, visits and opinions of a doctor or other health or professional operators for the formulation of diagnoses and / or treatment plans.

Bikevo, the authors, collaborators and any other physical or legal entity do not assume any responsibility, nor in order to achieve results and / or objectives in the use of training programs, nor in order to any damage deriving from use of the same, as the use of the indications of any nature of the Bike Personal Coach and Training videos is at complete discretion and takes place under the sole responsibility of the User.

In any case, the User is invited to maximize the usefulness and effectiveness of tests and training programs of the Bike Personal Coach and Training videos services to follow the instructions and instructions given, both in terms of preparation for the various activities and the methods of execution of the same.


The User's personal data are processed and managed by Bikevo in accordance with the Privacy Policy published on the Bikevo applications. To consult our Privacy Policy click here. In accordance with the Privacy Policy, Bikevo has the right to collect, extract, list, synthesize and analyze data and information, anonymously and without identification of the persons concerned, resulting from access to the Bikevo applications.

In any case, the User assumes all responsibility and responsibility for the content of the Material transmitted via the Bikevo applications and undertakes to hold Bikevo harmless from any claims or actions of third parties, as a result of the disclosure of the Material.
The Material, as well as any additional information uploaded and / or otherwise shared by the User within the Bikevo Applications (with the exception of personal data that will be processed in compliance with the above), will be deemed "non-confidential" and " non-owner "; Bikevo will therefore be authorized to acquire a copy, disclose, disclose and, in any case, use such Material for any type of purpose, commercial or otherwise.

Viruses, electronic piracy and other prohibited activities

The User agrees and expressly accepts not to transmit any kind of material that could cause damage to Bikevo, to its customers and / or third parties in general; we refer, by way of non-exhaustive example, to material containing viruses, Trojan horses, worms, logic bombs, defective components and / or other software with harmful or harmful content. Bikevo can not be held responsible in any way for any damage or inconvenience connected or otherwise connected to this type of harmful material that could potentially creep into mobile devices and / or user operating systems due to an incorrect use of the Bikevo applications, of the material contained therein and any other linked sites.

Links to the Bikevo site and App

The User can create a link to the site or the Bikevo App exclusively with the prior permission of Bikevo, provided that this does not affect any intellectual property rights or any other rights of Bikevo and / or third parties or that, however, does not violate the law, regulation, public order or morality, without however being able to generate in the public the erroneous conviction about the existence of any relationship of collaboration or dependence or otherwise between User and Bikevo.
It is understood that the activation of the link can not be implemented by a site that is not administered by the User (or in relation to which he does not exercise any title) and must be limited to the Site Home Page and / or App Bikevo.
In any case, Bikevo reserves the right to oppose the activation of links to the Site and / or the Bikevo App, as well as to revoke at any time and without notice the User's right to create a link to the Site and / or to the App Bikevo, as well as the right to take any other type of provision necessary (or otherwise appropriate on the basis of concrete circumstances), where only part of this provision is violated.
In this regard, the User undertakes to keep Bikevo fully unharmed from any damage suffered as a result of the violation of this provision.

Links from other sites

Any links to third-party websites contained in the Bikevo applications may be proposed by Bikevo with a view to facilitating navigation, simplifying links and in any case only for information of the User, who, by using them, abandons the Website.
Bikevo does not carry out any verification and / or control activity on third-party sites and, therefore, can not be held responsible for their content, their availability of use, how they are managed and, more generally, any possible damage related to their use.

Applicable law and settlement of disputes

These Conditions are governed by Italian law. Without prejudice to the jurisdiction of the natural forum of the consumer, if the User can be qualified as such according to the applicable law, and without prejudice to any other mandatory legal limits, the Court of Milan will have exclusive jurisdiction for any dispute related to these Conditions.

For any further information and / or request regarding these Conditions, Services and / or Bikevo in general, you can write to us at the email address PEC: bikevo@pec.it