Cycling insurance

Enjoy your bike ride with Instant Bike

Instant Bike is the daily insurance policy, which protects you from injuries during your bike rides.
Activate the insurance through the app with a simple click on your smartphone.



Lump-sum compensation to be used as you want

Only pay
for what you use

You can activate it when you want for the duration you want. Also for 24h


In case of an event, manage everything quickly from the App

net insurance



What it offers

  • Accident protection;
  • Transparent conditions;
  • Lump sum compensation;
  • Rapid and digital claims management.
  • Flexible activation even for 24h;


The policy covers all medical expenses in the event of bone fractures following an accident for the following cases:

  • - Cranium, Cheekbone, Nose, Jawbone
  • - Collarbone, Scapula
  • - Humerus, Radio, Ulna, Elbow
  • - Vertebral column
  • - Hip, Basin
  • - Tibia, fibula, Femur

Anything that is not specifically listed in the list above is not covered by the policy.

Lump sum compensation


If there is no overnight stay in a health institution

Lump sum compensation


In case of an overnight stay in a health care institution

  • Not included
    • The insurer does not cover if the accident occurs for one of the following activities:
      • - Professional sport, ie sport as the main source of income or as one of the main activities in the workplace.
      • - Handling of explosives or weapons. - Competitive professional tenders, eg racing car or racing bike. Motor sports, except normal motorcycle riding on the road
      • - Flying professionally or as a hobby, except for normal passenger airlines.
      • - Risky activities, such as mountaineering, climbing, caving, martial arts, bungee jumping, skydiving and other extreme sports.
      • - Diving activities with the exception of diving as a hobby up to 30 meters without special risks such as cave diving or diving under the ice.
    • The insurer does not cover if the accident derives:
      • - From the foreseeable acute deterioration of an existing disease.
      • - From civil unrest, in the event that the insured person took part in the deployment of the agitators.
      • - From armed conflicts, in the event that the insured person has been actively involved.
      • - By intent ional criminal design or by a criminal attempt or crime of the insured person. Negligence or gross negligence are not affected by this exclusion.
      • - From self-harm or attempted suicide. If, however, it is established that these acts were not committed in full determination and will, but in a disturbed state, the exclusion is not valid.
      • - From radiation caused by nuclear energy that endangers the life or health of many people, such that an authority controlling a European state or a comparable institution should intervene.

This policy can not be cancelled


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