Bike personal Coach

How does it work?

The system is based on a precise individual evaluation made through a Critical Power test. Before performing the test, it's necessary to set your personal goals (fitness, riding with friends, participation in events or competitions, etc.) and select both beginning and end dates of your cycling season, in addition to your weekly availability to train in terms of hours per day.

Based on this information, Bike Personal Coach designs your bespoke mix and distribution of training workload for the 6 physiological qualities that you must train: 3 metabolic (endurance) and 3 muscular (strength). Your plan is then structured in macrocycles of approximately 2 months, each of which is subdivided into microcycles of 8/10 days each.

The Critical Power Test is repeated at the end of each macrocycle to evaluate your response to training and progress so as to fine tune the volume of work for the next macrocycle. This approach continues to accompany you on a path of continuous improvement.

Can it be used by everyone?

Absolutely yes! Bike Personal Coach evaluates the cyclist's "engine" for what it is at the beginning of the journey and then defines the training plan according to objectives set and the actual response to the workloads carried out. The only difference between a beginner and a very advanced rider is their starting point, the rest Bikevo takes care of for you.

What do you need to use Bike Personal Coach?

You'll need to connect the standard sensors normally used in cycling, a list of which is available here.

Can I use it both indoors and outdoors?

Yes! Bike Personal Coach provides you with detailed training sessions which can be executed both indoors and outdoors, as you prefer on the day. That said, we recommend carrying out the evaluation tests indoors on a bike trainer, smart trainer, or smart stationary bike because it allows for a controlled environment and hence the ability to replicate the same execution conditions with each test.

For those who need or prefer to perform the test outdoors, we recommend a flat terrain or a steady incline with a gradient of no more than 3-4%.

Can I execute my workouts on a Garmin device?

Yes! Bikevo's workouts can be executed on your Garmin:

  • by downloading the training table from the Bikevo App in .FIT format and manually importing it onto your Garmin device in its "Workout" folder
  • by installing the Bike Personal Coach-Workout player application on your Garmin device, available on  Garmin IQ Connect

To automatically synchronize your workouts between Garmin IQ Connect and Bikevo you need to enable the following function:

  • within your personal area on the Bikevo website in the section: Connect to ... Integration with third parties
  • within the Bikevo application in the section: Synchronize Platforms.

Can I execute my workout on Zwift?

Yes, it is possible to carry out your Bikevo training workouts on Zwift by:

  • downloading each training table from the Bikevo App in .ZWO format and following the instructions in the  official Zwift guide

Bikevo's workouts can also be performed on other platforms such as RGT Cycling, Rouvy and FulGaz by following the instructions for importing external workouts provided by each platform.

Is an internet connection required?

It's not necessary to be connected to the internet if you only want to browse within the application. However, some pages that contain dynamic data may not be viewable. An active internet connection is, however, required to execute the test or a workout directly from the Bikevo app.

Do I need a power meter?

If available with a smart trainer or on your bike, using a power meter provides a much more precise snapshot of your engine. Yet, if not available, you will still be able to perform the self-assessment test and carry out the assigned workouts using your heart rate monitor, cadence and speed sensors.

How often should I take the test?

Bike Personal Coach generates training volumes by macrocycles of approximately 2 months, and presents you with a detailed training plan based on microcycles of 8 to 10 days each. The test will be required at the end of each macrocycle in order to assess your response to the training load carried out, and consequently adjust the workload for the next macrocycle.

After an intense macrocycle, Bikevo may expect you to be relatively tired; your test would show that, which practically means that one cannot expect to generate ever-increasing test numbers. In such a case, it would signal that the workload in fact was not intense enough or may have been carried out too lightly. The next batch of volume may therefore increase to compensate for it. Similarly, after a less intense macrocycle, we should expect rising performance indicators relative to the previous test; should this not be the case, the system, detecting a state of tiredness, may program in a recovery period with lower intensity work to bring you back to form.

I have an indoor bike trainer, which wheel circumference value should I set?

For passive trainers and smart trainers that use the bicycle wheel, you have to set it to 2096mm.

For direct drive trainers (without the rear wheel), each manufacturer uses a different multiplier for each model based on the size of its flywheel.

Elite seems to be the only manufacturer that provides the exact value used by each of its trainers (available in this Elite official guide ). If this data is not available for your trainer model, use the wheel circumference above.

What happens if I interrupt the training program for a period?

At the end of each microcycle, the system asks you to confirm workout by workout whether you executed it either in full or less so; if you have missed a session or partially executed it, your Bike Personal Coach recalculates volumes and redistributes the missed ones in the following microcycles.

Is there a PC / Mac version available?

At the moment Bikevo Personal Coach is only available via the Bikevo App for mobile devices which can be downloaded for both

I have a promotional code, how can I use it?

You can enter the promotional code via the website or the app by following the steps shown in this article.

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