Bike Personal Coach

How does it work?

The system is based on a detailed individual assessment through the self-evaluation test called the Critical Power self-evaluation test. It requires the user to enter their personal goals: the start and end of the cycling season, how many hours per week they can dedicate to training, on which days and how many hours per day.

Based on this information, Bike Personal Coach defines training macrocycles and the training load for each cycling quality to be trained, continuously alternating between training and recovery. At the end of the first macrocycle, another self-test is required before the second macrocycle is provided and so on, accompanying the athlete in their continuous athletic development.

Can it be used by everyone?

Absolutely! The ability to evaluate the athlete’s level as it really is at that moment in time and establish which workouts should be done, makes it useful for everyone, regardless of their level.

What do you need to be able to use Bike Personal Coach?

Bike Personal Coach can be used both indoors and outdoors. Only the self-evaluation tests must be done on an indoor trainer, smart trainer or spin bike. However, these must be equipped with an ANT + or Bluetooth connection to be able to communicate with the app.

Do you need an internet connection?

Yes, you need it to access your personal area on the App so you can take the test and check the data on your athletic performance.

Do you need a power meter?

A power meter is recommended to calculate watts, but even users who do not have a power meter will be able to do the self-evaluation test and perform the workouts generated by Bike Personal Coach.

How often should I take the test?

Bike Personal Coach releases training volumes, at the end of each of these it automatically requests the user to redo the self-evaluation test to highlight the progress made.

What happens when I interrupt the program for a while?

The system will ask the athlete if the program has been followed. If the athlete has skipped any workouts, the system will redefine the training volume and distribution of workouts. You may be asked to perform a self-evaluation test again.


Are the training videos suitable for me?

The workout videos have been designed to be compatible with any type of amateur cyclists: from the beginner to the intermediate and the advanced cyclist, despite their age and fitness level at the start of the program.

What do the workouts consist of?

The training protocols of the Bikevo training videos ensure constant improvement in the user’s physical fitness and have been developed on the basis of the following programs:

  • Month 1: train and develop above all strength. Modern training methods no longer divide the training season into strictly separate phases. Nowadays we train all the athletic qualities, for different durations and in different ways depending on the time of year. In addition to strength, an initial basis will be created for both agility as well as threshold training.
  • Month 2: in the second month we start to pay more attention to threshold and agility.
  • Month 3: in this last month we begin to carry out threshold workouts and beyond threshold workouts the so-called metabolic workouts.

The intensity at which the athlete trains is personalized because it is based on two very personal values which are constantly shown during the training session and which must be followed: Heart Rate at anaerobic threshold; Power in watts at threshold. Training with a power meter is recommended because it provides objective, real-time data that is not influenced by our metabolism. For those who do not have a power meter, it is sufficient to wear a heart rate monitor. It is important that everyone knows their Heart Rate at Anaerobic Threshold and that is why Bikevo provides a self-evaluation test.

How much must I train during the week?

The goal of this training program is to maximize results by optimizing the use of time.
To meet the needs of the various types of cyclists we offer two versions of the product: 24 videos with 2 sessions a week or 36 videos with 3 sessions a week. Each training session lasts between 60 to 75 minutes.

Indoor trainer or spin bike, at home or in the gym? What else do I need?

Where and when are completely up to you. All indoor trainers are compatible, event better if they have a resistance regulator. The same goes for spin bikes. Interactive indoor trainers are ideal as are the latest generation smart bikes with control software. It is necessary to have a heart rate monitor and a cadence sensor.

I am not very good with technology, is this a problem?

Absolutely not: the training videos have been developed in a standard MP4 format that works on all devices: PC and Windows or Mac Notebooks, smartphones and tablets, both iOS and Android. The videos can always be accessed from your private area and you can download the videos you want to use in that moment at any time, so you don’t take up unnecessary space on your device.

Do I need an internet connection?

Only if you want to download the videos but you can easily watch them even without a connection.

For this reason, we have three different video formats depending on the quality of your Internet connection:

  • HIGH-RES (1920x1080) size of each video about 900MB-1GB
  • MEDIUM-RES (1024x720) size of each video about 500MB-600MB
  • LOW-RES (640x480) size of each video about 200MB-250MB

If you have a good internet connection, you can easily watch them in streaming.

But can I use the video workouts throughout the year?

The purchased training videos can be used every year for your winter training and during the cycling season to refresh your strength-resistance or simply to maintain fitness. You can use them to improve your weaknesses, prepare for races and cycle faster than your friends on weekend rides.

Instant Insurance

Instant Bike

Instant Bike is a daily insurance. Protects you from injury during your bike rides.
You can activate the insurance direclty from Bikevo App. For more informations please, visit the instant bike page.


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