The way in which we train is of paramount importance and the intelligent distribution of our forces when cycling will pay off more than audacity

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Q&A about the tests

27/11/2017 | Editorial Board

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The concept of Critical Power

24/11/2017 | Editorial Board

The critical power represents the highest sustainable power without suffering fatigue and in theory, the maximum power a person can sustain for several hours.


Let’s give a look at the various tests

22/11/2017 | Editorial Board

We will now look at the various tests, the way they are performed and the meaning of the data obtained.

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“What” to measure and with “what instruments”

21/11/2017 | Editorial Board

Now that we have clarified the “why” of the test we will look at the “what” to measure and with “what instruments”.


The evaluation test

20/11/2017 | Editorial Board

Cycling has always been considered an endurance sport and therefore mainly aerobic, but in modern cycling, especially at the higher levels, other energy systems are in play that require important muscular and neuromuscular efforts.


DOMS, muscle soreness the day after and muscle recovery

5/4/2017 | Gianluca Melegati

While we are all familiar with that feeling of muscle soreness the morning after a day of intense training, few of us know its exact metabolic cause.

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Interpreting the data of the cycling computer Part 2

13/3/2017 | Fabio Vedana

The most advanced devices also provide other extremely sophisticated data which are more difficult to interpret.

interpretazione dati


The four parameters to establish of the Power Zones

13/3/2017 | Fabio Vedana

bFTP, sustainable power output threshold, Aerobic Threshold and Anaerobic Threshold.

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Interpreting the data of the cycling computer Part 1

13/3/2017 | Fabio Vedana

How to interpret volume, intensity, quality, and cadence?

interpretazione dati

Attività aerobica anaerobica


The benefits of physical activity

6/3/2017 | Gianluca Melegati

It’s no news that physical activity is beneficial for mind and body but there's a difference between aerobic and anaerobic workouts.

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