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Positioning of the cleats

27/10/2017 | Niklas Quetri

The position on the bike can be modified in three points: the saddle, the handlebars (and the aerobars for the triathlete), and the shoes/pedals.


Let’s start from here: objectivity and reasonability. Sport does not pay our bills.

25/10/2017 | Editorial Board

Objectivity means realizing that we are not competing to excel in the professional sphere and to know that what we are doing is not our work. Reasonability is knowing that we are working towards improving ourselves rather than winning.


The Athlete 3.0.

1/9/2017 | Elisabetta Borgia

The job of an athlete (cyclists and others) has changed profoundly over the last years and today I would like to discuss how this job has become more complex and requires more energy.


Eliminating sugar from your groceries

20/7/2017 | Barbara Fedrigo

When we at Gift Diet say it’s important to eliminate sugar from your food we don’t just mean the sugar you put in your coffee, but all sources of sugar, including those hidden.


Maximizing performance: 4 important factors

14/7/2017 | Barbara Fedrigo

Endurance athletes often mistakenly think that they need a full stomach before starting a race or an intense training session. Some athletes have the bad habit of not drinking, or, at least, not drinking enough...


Injuries and nutrition: the benefit of abundance

28/6/2017 | Barbara Fedrigo

Our bone equilibrium is strongly influenced by what we eat during our three daily meals.


Nausea and vomiting during a race: the causes

28/6/2017 | Barbara Fedrigo

Many athletes, during training or races, can suffer to such an extent from nausea or vomit that this jeopardizes their performance. Understanding the causes, as taught by the medicine of signals, can help us effectively resolve these problems.


Jeroboam 2017: how to find out that “it will flatten out eventually” when tackling a climb is the same as saying “it will clear up” during rainy days

20/6/2017 | Editorial Board

Guendalina is the Sales Manager for 3T Cycling that organized the first Jeroboam Gravel Challenge this year, a cycling race on gravel which passes through the wonderful vineyards of Franciacorta, alongside the Iseo lake, to finally reach the beautiful mountains. The race offers 3 routes: the Jeroboam 300km, the Magnum 150km, and the Standard 75km. Her first time participating in such a race, Guendalina chose the intermediate route and told us with great irony about her exceptional journey with the Exploro, the high-performing gravel frame of 3T.


Gravel: a new era for cycling

14/6/2017 | Editorial Board

One of the most interesting developments of the past years in the world of cycling has been the launch of the gravel bike by the biggest brands. The gravel bike is a road bike that has been modified to be able to not only tackle the tarmac, but also unpaved roads, dirt tracks, and all those other roads normally only accessible to the mtb. Guendalina Dal Pozzo, Sales Manager with 3T Cycling, will tell us more about this world


Privacy zone on Garmin Connect

13/6/2017 | Editorial Board

The alarm was first sounded in the United Kingdom and soon also in Italy. The simple pleasure of sharing your bike ride with your team mates can provide a perfect opportunity for bike thieves. At least, if you don’t use the “PRIVACY ZONE” on Garmin Connect.

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