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Waistline and salad

New year, new waistline?

24/9/2018 | Tatiana Gaudimonte

The old saying goes “a man with a belly is a man of substance”, however this has been proven wrong by science as well as by women who have spoken out against this fat.

Waistline and salad

Jeroboam Gravel Ride 2018

Jeroboam Gravel Ride 2018

19/9/2018 | Editorial Board

Gravel Ride in the beautiful Franciacorta

An apple on the dish

Hungry for control and control of hunger

10/9/2018 | Tatiana Gaudimonte

do we know how to recognize the signals of our body?

An apple on the dish

Granfondo bike race

In partnership with Formula Bici

3/9/2018 | Editorial Board

In partnership with Formula Bici, Bikevo provides you with the best of Italian cycling.

Bikevo at the Italian Bike Festival

Italian Bike Festival

27/8/2018 | Editorial Board

The new big cycling fair

Bikevo at the Italian Bike Festival

Chocolate donuts

Is that urge to snack really so bad?

17/8/2018 | Tatiana Gaudimonte

Is it possible to be greedy while eating in a healthy way?

table set for breakfast

Breakfast-Start your day in the right way!

14/8/2018 | Tatiana Gaudimonte

Holidays, a unique opportunity to dedicate yourself to breakfast

table set for breakfast

An athlete during a gravel bike race

Gravel Races and Gravel Bikes

3/8/2018 | Editorial Board

A new and exciting way to cycle off-road


The lights on your bike are now smart

30/7/2018 | Editorial Board

To stay safe and improve road cycling safety it’s always a good idea to use the lights on your bike. Even during the day.



Nicola's story

25/7/2018 | Editorial Board

Thanks to Instant Insurance by Bikevo I was reimbursed within a few days of my accident on the Mtb

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