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bicicletta libri

Books on cycling

13/3/2017 | Editorial Board

Here are five books for those who love cycling (but not only).

bicicletta libri

interpretazione dati

Interpreting the data of the cycling computer Part 2

13/3/2017 | Fabio Vedana

The most advanced devices also provide other extremely sophisticated data which are more difficult to interpret.

The four parameters to establish of the Power Zones

13/3/2017 | Fabio Vedana

bFTP, sustainable power output threshold, Aerobic Threshold and Anaerobic Threshold.

bicicletta cinema

The bicycle in the movies

13/3/2017 | Editorial Board

Travelling by bike but from the comfort of our sofa: below we list movies cycling fans cannot miss, one per genre.

interpretazione dati

Interpreting the data of the cycling computer Part 1

13/3/2017 | Fabio Vedana

How to interpret volume, intensity, quality, and cadence?

interpretazione dati

cassani 500

For you cycling is a hobby, not a job

6/3/2017 | Davide Cassani

The manager of the Italian national team explains the importance of taking care of your health, safety, self-awareness and objectivity, and finding the right balance for amateur cyclists.

ballan per hot space

Start today with making this your best season yet!

6/3/2017 | Alessandro Ballan

March has started and spring is enticing us, with its bright days and softer temperatures after a long winter, to take out our bicycle.

ballan per hot space

fondamenti alimentazione

The correct approach to sport nutrition

6/3/2017 | Editorial Board

The basic principles of proper sports nutrition.

Attività aerobica anaerobica

The benefits of physical activity

6/3/2017 | Gianluca Melegati

It’s no news that physical activity is beneficial for mind and body but there's a difference between aerobic and anaerobic workouts.

Attività aerobica anaerobica

Priorità nutrizionali

Nutritional priorities for athletes

3/3/2017 | Editorial Board

Blood parameters, total cholesterol, CPK, LDH, transaminases, thyroid function, metabolic capacity and body composition in terms of lean mass and fat.

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    Barbara Fedrigo

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    Gianluca Melegati

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    Editorial Board

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    Andrea Gabba


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