Whole Body Cryotherapy in Sports – Part Two

It has been shown that taking a cryosauna before a training session or during recovery, does not decrease muscle performance but increases the levels of eccentric strength.

Another important effect of Cryotherapy in athletes is improved quality of sleep. This is especially true for periods of intense training, as demonstrated by numerous scientific studies. In a group of high level basketball players, sleep was found to be deeper and less disturbed. These athletes had undergone regular sessions of whole body cryotherapy during a very intense competitive period, resulting in greater endurance and less feelings of fatigue before the competition. (Bouzigon, Br J Sports Med, 2014).

Galliera showed a significant osteogenic effect in high-level rugby players after undergoing Whole Body Cryotherapy and an increase in levels of osteoimmunological biomarkers (OPG). This demonstrates a positive remodeling and reinforcement of the bone tissue. (Galliera, Injury, 2013).

Summarizing, cryotherapy has been shown to be extremely useful for athletes. It is indicated for treatment of numerous clinical inflammatory conditions of the musculoskeletal system of professional and amateur athletes. Among these are injuries to the muscles, painful symptoms caused by fatigue, myofascial syndromes, acute tendinitis or tendinitis because of overload (peritendinitis, tendinosis), and injuries to the capsular ligaments.

It is thought that it could also have a positive effect on the healing of fractures. It can increase protein synthesis in muscle injuries. It can boost the formation of collagen in capsular ligament injuries and tendons, as well as the formation of bone. It can improve bone metabolism due to hyperperfusion with blood and the consequent deep oxygenation of each body part.


This therapeutic method is indicated for the treatment of all inflammatory conditions of the musculoskeletal system of athletes, both amateur and professional.

  • for the muscles: muscle injuries, soreness due to fatigue, myofascial syndromes
  • for the tendons: acute tendinitis or tendinitis because of overload (peritendinitis, tendinosis)
  • for the joints: capsular ligament injuries, injuries of the joint cartilage
  • promotes and increases the biological regeneration (bio-stimulating effect)
  • Promotes strength training and muscle strength
  • Helps post-exercise recovery
  • Prevents overload of the musculoskeletal system
  • Combats inflammation caused by strenuous physical exercise
  • Promotes recovery of a soft tissue injury (bruises, sprains, tears)

Cryotherapy can guarantee athletes several benefits:

  • Improved blood supply and therefore faster post-exercise recovery
  • Increased protein synthesis and faster regeneration of muscle injuries
  • Positive effect on the nervous system
  • Improvement of quality of sleep and mood, general relaxation and even elation
  • Acceleration of regeneration after muscle trauma
  • Strong antioxidant effect: free radicals have a negative influence on injuries or chronic diseases, and are a source of tissue aging

Gianluca Melegati

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