VII Gran Fondo Campagnolo Roma

A journey with the road bicycle on the streets of history

On October 14, the capital, for one day will be the “mecca” of cycling. An event that is to be enjoyed on the bike with lots of friends; all this in complete safety thanks to Bikevo.

VII Gran Fondo Campagnolo Roma

To celebrate a great passion, you need a great event. This is the underlying idea of the Gran Fondo Campagnolo Roma that also this year will organize a day full of excitement and fun around cycling, surrounded by the charm of a city that has written history and that still attracts millions of tourists from all over the world.

The Gran Fondo Campagnolo Roma in fact, is perhaps one of the best answers to the growing demand for events dedicated to bicycle lovers, who do not mind the competitive component but also know how to combine their love for sport and effort with important concepts such as sustainability.

The event in the capital is in fact an expression of a certain way of thinking about cycling which is increasingly taking hold and that considers cycling a lifestyle and underlines the great pleasure of practicing this sport in a territory like Italy which knows like none other how to celebrate its greatness.

The route

120 kilometers for a total elevation gain of 2,000 meters. Undoubtedly not a walk in the park, but a challenging track and suitable for those who have trained during the summer and are not beginners as far as training goes. It starts from the center of Rome passing through the Fori Imperiali, Piazza Venezia, Piazza Argentina, Corso Rinascimento, S. Andrea della Valle, Via Tomacelli, Largo Goldoni, Via del Corso, Piazza del Popolo, Lungo Tevere up to Via di Porta San Sebastiano.

Then from there participants will continue outside the city, towards the Castles (I Castelli) and the four climbs that are time trialed and that precede the return to Rome. The first climb is the Panoramica (Lago di Albano) and measures 2.3 kilometers, with an average gradient of 5.9% and a maximum gradient of 8%.

Then it's up to the Murus (Rocca di Papa) 1.1 kilometers long, with an average gradient of 10.3% and a peak of 16%. It then continues to Rocca Priora which is 6 kilometers long with an average gradient of 6.3% and maximum of 13%, and to end there’s the Rostrum (Montecompatri) of 720 meters with an average gradient of 12% and a part in pavé with a gradient of 18%.

The total time of the entire race won’t determine the final classification but these four climbs. The Campagnolo Climbing Championship will be the result from the sum of these four sections. This means that the rest of the route can be fully enjoyed.

In Bici ai Castelli: cycling opens its arms to everyone

The event in Rome is not just about competition. With a route of 60 km immersed in the beauty of the territory and the city, In Bici ai Castelli (on the bike to the castles) will be an opportunity for everyone to spend a day with other cycling fans, riding from the center to Lake Albano and back while admiring the beauty of the Roman castles. A good opportunity to enjoy some company, without the need of a medical certificate and with a lunch break in Marino on the way back to the city. Sport, health and entertainment are the three must-haves of this event immersed in history, along the streets and monuments that bear witness to the greatness of a city that has written world history. You can participate with any kind of bike in this event, including electric bikes, and as such it’s a great opportunity for groups of riders, for families and for all those who want to share moments of joy.

Imperial Rome: charm, tradition and modernity only for bikes built before 1987

Charm, tradition and modernity are the key concepts of a special ride reserved for historical bikes. A heroic ride through fascinating and historical Rome, from Fori Imperiali, to Via Appia, to Porta San Sebastiano to the Caffarella park. An event dedicated to those who are fascinated by historical cycling made up of woolen sweaters and heavy steel frames.

Celebrating sport in safety with Bikevo

The Campagnolo Roma Gran Fondo pays a lot of attention to safety. This is how this prestigious event has chosen to collaborate with Bikevo. Bikevo will provide all participants with Square2Go, the instant insurance for cyclists. The event in the capital thus becomes a privileged opportunity to spend a day dedicated to the pure joy of being on the bike, protected by a free insurance policy for injuries of the cyclist and damage to the bike, that can be activated with just one tap on the smartphone.

How to activate the insurance

You can activate the free insurance immediately, following these steps:

  • Download the App of Bikevo for iOS or Android;
  • Register your account;
  • Go to the instant insurance page;
  • Enter the code FB0024 to activate your free insurance for Granfondo Campagnolo Roma.

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