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    Total Body Cryotherapy

Gianluca Melegati

A new treatment arriving from the North with many benefits.

Whole Body Cryotherapy is a treatment based on exposing the whole body to very low temperatures (ranging from -120°C to -190°C) for not longer than 3 minutes.


The exposure to extreme cold provokes a noticeable lowering of the skin temperature. In turn, this causes an important physiological reaction because of the stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system leading to cutaneous vasoconstriction.  This greatly reduces the blood flow to the extremities, in favor of a potent and natural anti-inflammatory process, the reduction of the edema of inflamed tissue and associated pain.


Numerous scientific studies have shown that total body cryotherapy speeds recovery in athletes following a strenuous workout, limiting post-exercise muscle and joint pain and diminishing greatly the perception of muscle fatigue with enhancement of psychophysical well-being. Recent studies have also demonstrated the efficiency of the treatment of Whole Body Cryotherapy on sleep quality of athletes worn down by prolonged physical activity.



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