The lights on your bike are now smart

To stay safe and improve road cycling safety it’s always a good idea to use the lights on your bike. Even during the day.

Road cycling safety

Bikevo cares deeply about road cycling safety. To cycle safely means to be able to enjoy all that cycling has to offer to its fullest. To be able to do this we need to demand respect on the roads and at the same time be the first to respect some simple rules. One of which is to always use the lights on your bike. 

Being safe on the bike is something that cyclists are very aware of and that is why being visible on the road is so important for them. That’s how an accessory such as a bicycle light has become a must, especially for those who, because of their daily commitments, have to go for a ride when there’s little light. Truth be told, bike lights should also be used during the day, exactly as cars do.

Bike lights have always been seen as a useful and simple kit to help cycle safely and be visible. But now, thanks to the exhilarating and fast developments in technology, more and more people are taking safety on the streets to a new level using smart and high performing lights.

To this regard we were intrigued by the work done by See.Sense with its brand-new ICON lights. No one had ever thought of putting software inside an LED light and this is the true innovation brought by ICON to the bike market. We studied this product closely and some interesting facts emerged that we want to share with you.

Technology innovation in bike lights

The presence of sensors inside the lights, in association with the accelerometer and the gyroscope, allows the Icon lights to signal sudden stops, lane changes and much more. The lights of ICON See.Sense are extremely luminous with a long battery life and, thanks to the use of advanced technology and special sensors, they react autonomously to different light conditions.

Brighter when needed

The true added value of See.Sense is that it ensures you are visible whenever you need to be with very long battery life of up to 15 hours in flash mode. Using its sensors, the See.Sense lights “know” when they need to blink more brightly to ensure maximum visibility. The See.Sense sensors react at road junctions, roundabouts, changes in speed and when light conditions changes, including when during the night car lights get closer. This means that the lights use their batteries more efficiently and as such, they can run longer.

No compromise

You may have noticed that bike lights are usually a compromise between luminosity, run time and dimension. The lights of See.Sense are smart and unique as they allow for extraordinary brightness while maintaining a long run run time in a small and light kit. This means that you can cycle for a long time without compromising visbility.

They connect to your smartphone

The bike lights of See.Sense use Bluetooth and can be activated via the free App for smartphones – available on Google Play Store and iOS. By connecting with the App you can manage the lights on your bike as you like. Moreover, you can also make use of the accident and theft alert, guaranteeing peace of mind and soon you will also be able to receive personal statistics based on your cycling hours.

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