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    The importance of getting a professional bike fit

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In the world of cycling there is a lot of talk of biomechanics. Biomechanics studies the movement and the positioning of the body on the bike to get the most efficient and powerful pedal stroke.

Research into the impact of equipment on athletic performance (the ratio between the energy cost and the resistance which must be overcome) and the best position on the bike, is becoming ever more common. This research also focuses on anthropometrics to prevent and resolve all those orthopedic issues that can affect athletes during training. These are especially prevalent in a sport where athletes can be in the saddle for several hours.

Still too often such adjustments are made in an “artisan” and empirical way, instead of seeking the necessary input of qualified personnel. By resorting to an expert for a biomechanical test, you will be able to get the correct measurements for your bike frame and added components, and optimize their settings.

We are in direct contact with the bicycle through three points: the pedals, saddle and handlebars. These three can be adjusted to obtain the most efficient position. The professional fitter will therefore focus his attention on exactly these points. He will find the proper positioning of the cleats, the handlebars (the tube, handlebars and their thickness), look at the positioning of the lower limbs during pedaling, adjust the saddle height, and decide whether to move the saddle forward or backwards.

When choosing a riding position, you should have your objectives clearly in mind and convey them to the specialist fitting your bike. It has little sense adopting an aggressive 'racing' position if your goal is to enjoy pleasant Sunday rides with your friends.

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