Supplements in cycling, the Synergy case

Supplements are often perceived as something only available for athletes who use them to enhance their performance.

Supplements are often perceived as something only available for athletes who use them to enhance their performance. Supplements are surely important for athletes, especially for cyclists who can be on the bike for many hours but in reality supplements are available for everybody and should be used wisely to improve efficiency and overall wellbeing because an athlete is above all a person.

Optimizing the equilibrium of a person means ensuring a body capable of managing excellent work, social-relational and sports performances.

Therefore, the use of supplements in amateur sports should focus on achieving a balance in everyday life rather than focus solely on performance. A body that can absorb food well and transform it into energy and that can support and recover from training and optimize rest, is a well performing body. Starting from the concept of equilibrium we can analyze supplements with a new perspective.

To this regard we have interviewed Diego Bragato and Marco Compri, national coaches of the Italian cycling team and who have turned to Synergy, a company that makes supplements for professional sports but puts into practice and promotes its concept of wellbeing, namely that the person comes before the optimization of performance with which is meant the use of supplements exclusively / predominantly for competition.

‘The mission of Synergy Worldwide is to transform the life of anybody in the world by offering innovative and high-quality solutions in the field of wellbeing. The objective of the company is to act as a counterweight for the current problems that come from a poor diet and unhealthy life choices with the use of natural nutrition products whose effect have been validated in clinical trials.

The studies of people who are sedentary and of athletes have demonstrated that optimal health, what we call Elite Health, can only be reached thanks to an optimal metabolism. Our products have been developed after a lot of research and are designed to purify, fortify and protect the body, starting from its microbiome (that complex network of bacteria, fungi and microflora that resides mainly in the intestine and affects the health of all systems of our body). The metabolic processes sustain the bodily functions and the body in general, including the cardiovascular functions, digestion and metabolization of nutrition into energy. For the athlete this translates into the capacity to produce energy, reconstruct cells, have an effective immunity system, lucidity and high concentration levels, all of which are the pillars of performance.

Supplements should therefore be understood as an instrument to support daily life in order to maintain or rebalance the functioning of our body next to the "energy and regenerative currency" that is food.

Integration must also be understood as a path.

A personal consultancy allows the situation to be analyzed and priorities and objectives to be set while taking into consideration the daily habits of the single individual, training and races.  This way the consultant can put together a plan using the right products.

Moreover, given that circumstances and requirements change during a season, it is necessary to verify every 20-25 days both the feedback of the person / athlete and if necessary adjust the plan in relation to new priorities.

Synergy's products can be applied to a broad spectrum of issues. These can be for example:

- protection of the cardio-circulatory system

- alkalization

- support for recovery both with respect to metabolic load and muscle load

-  energy production in ways that are radically different from those generally used (fructose gel and maltodextrin) guaranteeing energy lasting several hours without digestive / intestinal difficulties and above all keeping blood sugar levels low (re-teach your body to use, privilege and optimize the energy mechanisms deriving from fat oxidation, instead of seeking energy mainly from sugars with an inevitable consequent peak in blood glucose. This is of fundamental importance for personal well-being and also for performance and allows for the preservation of glycogen stocks. Fat is the biggest energy reserve we have and, very often, burning fat is the goal of many amateur cyclists and not only).

  • Attention and concentration
  • Muscular anabolism
  • Modulation of the immune system
  • Protection of the joints, cartilage and tendons

With regard to supplements, it is fundamental to know and evaluate the quality and impact of the products, as well as knowing that you can count on consultants who know how to put together and adapt an optimal plan for any kind of need.

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