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Thanks to Instant Insurance by Bikevo I was reimbursed within a few days of my accident on the Mtb

Nicola's experience with cyclists insurance

We are happy to share the experience of Nicola during his race in the Sudtirol Dolomiti Superbike on 7 July. Nicola broke his collarbone when he fell off his bike during this race and thanks to his Instant Insurance by Bikevo, he received his reimbursement within a few days of the accident.

A positive experience, that of Nicola:

“I am grateful to Bikevo for giving me the possibility to cycle with an insurance. Taken as we are by our passion for cycling, we often forget about important issues such as safety. When I subscribed before the Sudtirol Dolomiti Superbike this year, with a fast click, I would never have thought I would use it. Unfortunately, I was the victim of an unlucky fall where I broke my collarbone. The claims practice was fast and efficient, and the reimbursement arrived very quickly. It will therefore be something that I will also use in the future and will promote it among my friends and relatives who practice this beautiful sport ".

What damages are covered by the insurance?

The Square2Go Bikevo insurance policy is the only push and on-demand instant insurance that protects you and your bike during a race or during training. For only € 1.60 and with a tap on your smartphone, you can activate the best way to enjoy cycling in safety, and you will be protected in case of injury or damage to your bike. Square2Go Bikevo is a cyclists insurance, designed to cover all the bike enthusiasts.

How to activate the insurance?

Square2Go Bikevo is activated by downloading the App available on iOS and Andorid stores. Once you have downloaded it on your smartphone you can access the dedicated Instant Insurance area by registering your profile in a simple and immediate way. Inside the page you can consult the information booklet and check coverages in case of accident ad damage to the bicycle. To activate the policy you will have to select the days on which you intend to activate the coverage and the number of people that will be covered.

What's the prices and how I get it?

Square2Go Bikevo has a cost of € 1.60 per day including € 0.40 of payment fees. If you buy more days the payment fees remain unchanged. Payment can be made by credit card in the purchase section of the Bikevo App. Payment are safe and fast; convinient to activate the insurance quickly in any occasion and circumstance.

Am I protected abroad?

The policy also protects you abroad, within the countries of the European Union. For more information, please refer to the appropriate section on Square2Go Bikevo.

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