• Garmin Edge 1030 GPS Bike Computer


    Finally the Edge 1030 is mounted on my bike!

Daniel Fontana

My review on the Garmin Edge 1030, much more than a regular GPS Bike Computer.


Even if I am over 40 years old, I will always remain a child and when I get to try out new gadgets, I go crazy with curiosity. This is exactly what happened last week when Garmin, my partner in technological sports equipment, sent me the Edge 1030, its new entry which will replace the fantastic Edge 1000 on my bike.

As a professional triathlete, I have been surprised by the good things that this product has introduced to my daily life. This is undoubtedly the best technology on the market for measuring performance. 

Screen dimension

Compared to the Edge 1000, this product has a display which is larger by 0.5 inches on the diagonal. This is outstanding considering that the overall size of the product is the same as its predecessor. Therefore, better visibility while having the same product size. The convenience of the keys remains which in my opinion is very practical, especially when your hands are sweaty during summer rides. The visibility of the screen has improved, not only because of its increased size, but also because of its resolution, brightness and view angle. The larger screen allows you to view up to 10 data fields, compared to the 8 of the Edge 1000 and battery life seems to also have been significantly improved.


Full compatibility with the power meter

Having the good fortune of being able to enjoy all the best of Garmin technology, I was happy to see that this device is fully compatible with the Vector 3, which is, in my opinion, the best power meter that the company has ever made to date.


Popularity routing.

I am a creature of habit, like many of my professional colleagues. On the bike I always tend to follow the roads I already know to avoid being faced with something unexpected that can affect the success of the workout I planned for the day. But it happens, especially during preparatory meetings or when I train groups of amateurs during training camps, that I need to learn the most popular cycling routes of the place where I find myself. Until today this operation was carried out with the help of local cyclists whom I happened to meet on the bike, asking them for some suggestions, but I discovered the Edge 1030 has a nice feature. "Popularity routing" is a function that uses the data gathered by users through their devices, creating a database of the most frequented roads by cyclists in a given territory.

In short, bike lanes and secondary roads that present less risks for the safety of cyclists are favored, to the benefit of your safety and fun on the bike.

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