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    Ego Cycles, a new driving experience is born: monocoque and tailored to your unique characteristics.

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Do you dream of a monocoque frame tailored to your particular biomechanical characteristics? Now it can become a reality, thanks to the development of a creative idea by an Italian startup.


There is a new Italian entity, in the province of Savona to be precise, that since a year is working on the production of monocoque bicycle frames, making use of carbon technology, with personalized geometry and a unique riding experience. We are talking about EGO CYCLES, a new innovative startup whose objective is to design and produce tailored made monocoque “riding experiences”, based on the type of bike handling and biomechanics of every client.

Giving shape to a "riding experience" with a monocoque structure through a customization process that includes personalized geometry and takes into account the particular riding style, requires a new and unique production process, able to overcome the limits of existing technologies.

EGO CYCLES patented a closed-molding production process that can create customized geometry in a truly monocoque structure, combining top performance with the particular cycling style.

The monocoque carbon structure allows uncompromised performance as well as total freedom in the design of the frames. These can therefore be designed to be efficient from an aerodynamics viewpoint as well as in weight and stiffness but also allow properties to be included that provide comfort and absorb vibration.

The process created by EGO CYCLES in fact creates a third production process (with regard to the monocoque produced with fixed molds and the so-called "wrapped" molds) for high performance carbon bicycles, breaking down the limits of existing technologies. The monocoque produced with fixed molds does not allow the frame to be customized while the so-called "wrapping" has some limitations with regard to the structural performance and the form of the frame. The creation of customized monocoque frames unites the advantages of the two processes, eliminating their defects.

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