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    Breakfast-Start your day in the right way!

Tatiana Gaudimonte

Holidays, a unique opportunity to dedicate yourself to breakfast

Summer is in full swing and most of you are probably preparing for your holidays. I can already see you putting your sunscreen and favorite book in your suitcase while you look forward to enjoying the sea or mountains. But what we can really enjoy when we are far from our daily obligations is the most precious thing of all: time!

How many times have you given up something because you didn’t have time?

Having breakfast

Well, the holidays are a great occasion to start something new and healthy and start a routine that you can keep up also after the holidays, namely: breakfast.
The benefits of a rich and complete breakfast in the morning are well known and thankfully they are being discussed more often. The scientific publications are numerous and one that should above all be mentioned is that of De Castro and colleagues published in 2004.

This study demonstrates that:

  • who eats more during breakfast, eats less calories in total during the day;
  • who skips breakfast eats more calories in total during the other meals;
  • the importance of including proteins in your meals, starting in the morning.

While this is a clear fact, how many of you don’t practice this healthy habit because you “have no time”?

Start your morning better

Well, during the holidays there are no deadlines so give in to your appetite and your fantasy!

You can start munching on a fruit while you decide your breakfast menu, which should be prepared calmly and carefully or while you are choosing from the buffet at your hotel. Personally, I love crêpes, made with whole wheat flour (but also with buckwheat, chickpea or chestnuts flour!), eggs and milk (also vegetable) without sugar, and which can be filled with fresh cheese and honey, or with fruit and almonds. But also, a whole wheat sandwich with ham or a pair of fried, scrambled or poached eggs! And if you really do not want to cook, you can fall back on Greek yogurt, nuts, honey and fruit.

You will not think about food until lunchtime and you will have plenty of time to enjoy the things you love to do. And when you return from vacation, you won’t be able to stay without a good breakfast!

I wish you all energetic and delicious holidays.

Your nutritional consultant Tatiana Gaudimonte


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