A holiday “on the road”. By bike, of course.

Thinking of possible trips by bike, we have looked at the various options the world of cycling tourism offers and found that a vacation by bike is not mere utopian thinking.

With the arrival of spring you have started to seriously train on the bike and it often happens that, during stressful days at work, you find yourself daydreaming of possible bike trips to break your everyday routine or just to observe the world from a prospective you love.

Thinking of possible trips by bike, we have looked at the various options the world of cycling tourism offers and found that a vacation by bike is not mere utopian thinking. There are wonderful cycling destinations in other parts of the world, but also magical itineraries in our own.

Here we will discuss only those that most impressed us.


Ruta Austral, Chile

It is said to be one of the most beautiful road trips in the world, the Carretera Austral that crosses Chile, 1240 km long and almost all of it on gravel roads. It travels through millennial old forests and passes great rivers that spring from glaciers and small villages in the Andes. The elevation gain is not too great and you can enjoy an endless bike path from the center of Chile to the wildest part of Patagonia. On this trip it is important to carry with you all that you could need to repair your bike. Make sure that you have enough time, around a month.

More information HERE


Garden Route, South Africa

Forests, rivers, lagoons, cliffs overlooking the sea, white beaches and deserts, all along a 400 km long road. It is no coincidence that the Garden Route is considered to be an experience not to be missed for those visiting South Africa. This route, famous for its beauty, travels along the southern coast of South Africa. It starts in Cape Town and goes as far as Porth Elizabeth. It passes through the Karoo region and reaches the beaches of the Indian Ocean. If you have 8/10 days available, you can enter the Garden Route National Park, with its ancient forests and wild coastal areas dotted with lakes. Here you can find a good ARTICLE on the journey

La Route Verte, Canada

According to National Geographic this is the most beautiful bike path in the world. It stretches out over 4000 Km and crosses through Quebec from West to East passing by the best places of the country. The long route is 5000 km and well indicated, and offers a host of exciting rivers, lakes and green plains. The Garden Route has been planned and realized by the Vélo Quebec association and its official website has all the information you need. On the website you can find itineraries and points of interest that are not to be missed. Visit it now HERE

Danubio bike path, Austria

The bike path of the Danubio is one of the best-known cycling itineraries in Europe and is visited by tourist mostly during the summer. It is suited for any kind of bike tourist, from the most performing to families with children. It runs from Passau to Vienna over 300 kilometers and if you follow this direction you have the advantage of going slightly downhill. The fact that it is well traveled makes it a great destination for those who can visit it outside the tourism season, enjoying its beauty and unique atmosphere alone. The road in Hungary that leads to Budapest is less nice with only a few tracts completely reserved for the bike but Budapest is worth the sacrifice. If you are planning a trip to Austria you can find interesting itineraries HERE 


Via Francigena, Italy

Italy is a magical place for cycling and the Via Francigena is just one example. This bike path actually starts from Canterbury and arrives in Rome, following a long and challenging itinerary. This is the road once traveled by pilgrims walking to the San Peter. If you want a nice bike holiday in Italy, we certainly advise you to follow at least the last stretch of the route in Italy, starting from Perugia and passing through Spello, Trevi and Assisi, until Rome. You will cross unique and charming hamlets and can enjoy to the fullest the wonders of this beautiful part of Italy. To find out more, THIS is a great book

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