Cycling is healthy and helps us prevent the onset of some illnesses while curing others

A question of nerves

13/4/2017 | Sergio Migliorini

Among the most common painful cycling injuries are those caused by pinched nerves. Let’s take a look at the main ones.

Whole Body Cryotherapy in Sports - Part 1

3/4/2017 | Gianluca Melegati

Whole Body Cryotherapy has been shown to improve the efficiency of the body, helping to obtain better performance in professional and amateur sports.

Whole Body Cryotherapy in Sports – Part Two

3/4/2017 | Gianluca Melegati

It has been shown that taking a cryosauna before a training session or during recovery, does not decrease muscle performance but increases the levels of eccentric strength.

Collarbone fractures in cyclists

26/3/2017 | Loris Perticarini

Collarbone fractures are fairly common injuries in cyclist lovers

La Crioterapia Sistemica utilizza apparecchiature all'avanguardia

Total Body Cryotherapy

24/3/2017 | Gianluca Melegati

A new treatment arriving from the North with many benefits.

La Crioterapia Sistemica utilizza apparecchiature all'avanguardia

Low back pain in cycling

16/3/2017 | Sergio Migliorini

Until some years ago, low back pain was relatively rare among cyclists. Nowadays, it is ever more present.

Specialista medico sportivo

What can you ask your sports medicine doctor?

16/3/2017 | Gianluca Melegati

The sports medicine doctor is a specialist who focuses the health of those who practice sports, and is knowledgeable in nutrition, traumatology, methods of training and prevention of injuries.

Specialista medico sportivo

Salute cervicalgia

Cervicalgia in cyclists

16/3/2017 | Sergio Migliorini

The first cervical spine pains during a ride usually arrive in spring.

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