Niklas Quetri

Niklas Quetri

Fascinated by the analysis of movement, he started working as a bike fitter following the Retul method just after finishing his studies, while also providing training for the US company. Since several years he takes care of the bike fitting of athletes of all levels, working on the right selection of components and optimizing the cycling position. He holds a degree in sports science from the University of Udine.

Positioning of the cleats

The position on the bike can be modified in three points: the saddle, the handlebars (and the aerobars for the triathlete), and the shoes/pedals.


One of the questions I hear most often is “what kind of saddle would you advise me?”

Crankarm length is a detail cyclists should not overlook.

The advice provided by the technical literature on the length of crankarms does not always correspond to what can be put into practice in reality. It is important that science and ‘feeling’ correspond.

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