Barbara Fedrigo

Barbara Fedrigo

After receiving her diploma in Naturopathy from the Rudy Lanza Institute, she helps others achieve a balanced lifestyle and is a nutritional consultant for the GIFT diet. She collaborates with Dr. Luca Speciani and oversees the “La Maison GIFT” project. She has written an article titled “GIFT Diet easy for everybody!” for the Italian sports magazine “Correre”.

7 January: I want to weigh a kilo less

Many tell me that they pile on weight during New Year and Christmas, not the other way around, and they are partly right.

Eliminating sugar from your groceries

When we at Gift Diet say it’s important to eliminate sugar from your food we don’t just mean the sugar you put in your coffee, but all sources of sugar, including those hidden.

Maximizing performance: 4 important factors

Endurance athletes often mistakenly think that they need a full stomach before starting a race or an intense training session. Some athletes have the bad habit of not drinking, or, at least, not drinking enough...

Injuries and nutrition: the benefit of abundance

Our bone equilibrium is strongly influenced by what we eat during our three daily meals.

Nausea and vomiting during a race: the causes

Many athletes, during training or races, can suffer to such an extent from nausea or vomit that this jeopardizes their performance. Understanding the causes, as taught by the medicine of signals, can help us effectively resolve these problems.

Gift Diet, the basics.

In the Gift diet the word “diet” does not mean depriving yourself of calories. It is a way of life to allow you to be healthy.

Normocaloric and normoproteic nutrition

Our daily meals need to be balanced, normocaloric and normoproteic. We need to make sure every day that we eat what is necessary to maintain our base metabolism and to guarantee that we can carry out our daily activities and training.

Diet and muscle mass

Low-calorie diets focus on losing kilograms and lead to a rapid loss of muscle mass.

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