Andrea Gabba

Andrea Gabba

Technical manager of the Italian National Triathlon team, World Champion in 2006 in Cancun, head of the women's team at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and Technical Manager of the Italian "long distance" triathlon team. Technical Director of the 2018 Turkish National team and currently technical manager of the Italian Triathlon Federation. He is a coach of successful athletes on an absolute and master level.

Running upstairs

Are you ready to accept this challenge? Part 3

2/7/2018 | Andrea Gabba

Running and cycling. Andrea Gabba explains how running can be a valid workout for a cyclist.

Running upstairs

Swim in lake

Are you ready to accept this challenge? Part 2

25/6/2018 | Andrea Gabba

Andrea Gabba reveals how to prepare swim in triathlon.

Bike wheels

Are you ready to accept this challenge? Part 1

18/6/2018 | Andrea Gabba

By Andrea Gabba, Technical Manager of the Italian national Triathlon Team: Try to do a duathlon or triathlon. I will explain you how.

Bike wheels

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