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With the contribution of authorized testimonies, Bikevo increases your knowledge. Everything you need to know to improve your cycling and the secrets of professionals.

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Cyclists speaking at the roadside

Did you plan to have an extra ride with your friends?

Are you planning a ride with your friends and you don't know how to deal with it? Here are some suggestions

Cyclists speaking at the roadside

Cyclist during uphill

Planning your Cycling Training

What is a cycling training plan? How you can understand if your training plan is correct. How to choose a good cycling training plan.

cylcists pedals on rough terrain

What type of cyclist are you?

Understanding the type of cyclist you are is important to establish the type of training to which you have to dedicate.

cylcists pedals on rough terrain

Cycling on snow

Those who ‘want to bike during Christmas’

During this time of the year it seems like the only possible way to workout is when you do your Christmas shopping.

road cyclist during vuelta espana race

Knee pain cycling

The position on the bike should respect the anatomic characteristics of the athlete to avoid serious injuries to the knee.

road cyclist during vuelta espana race


More or less? Men and women!

The last time I left you in doubt about how you could lose your belly (and not only) by eating more. After a month of, I am sure, anxious waiting, you deserve to know the secret.

Alessandro Ballan during the video training made for Bikevo

Indoor training

Follow a good training plan, escape boredom and improve your condition on the saddle even in winter.

Alessandro Ballan during the video training made for Bikevo

Cyclists by the Colosseum before the start of Granfondo Campagnolo Roma CRVII

VII Gran Fondo Campagnolo Roma

A journey with the road bicycle on the streets of history

Waistline and salad

New year, new waistline?

The old saying goes “a man with a belly is a man of substance”, however this has been proven wrong by science as well as by women who have spoken out against this fat.

Waistline and salad

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