The first virtual coach for cyclists

A fitter, faster, healthier you!

Bike Personal Coach is the first virtual coach for cyclists. It helps you train, regardless of your starting level, to achieve your set goals with a training plan that's specific to you.

Your goals, at your fingertips

Plan your fitness goals of your season to reach maximum peak form exactly when you need it. Enter your weekly training availability to train yourself in compliance with your times and in total freedom.

Train like a pro

With Bikevo you can train indoors or outdoors, using the very same methodology as a pro rider. Perform your training sessions directly on your smartphone or third party platforms, alternating resistance and strength workouts. Alternate resistance and strength workout to train all the six fundamental qualities of every cyclist.

Find out what type of cyclist you are

Test your natural abilities in just a few minutes to discover which category of cyclist is the best match for you. Bikevo's Critical Power test will be repeated several times during the season. This will allow us to assess your athletic ability and the response to workloads.

The word of our experts

Davide Cassani

CT of the Italian national cycling team and a former professional cyclist

'An excellent training program is a program formulated by competent trainers, who base the programming on a technical-scientific basis and on the use of modern technologies. Improvisation in training does not bring profitable results in performance, but it is likely to lead to consideration or damage.'

Do you need help?

Our team of experts and consultants is at your disposal. Send us a request through the form indicating the reason for the contact and we will reply as soon as possible.