“There are many different approaches to cycling, but there’s also a right way.
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Davide Cassani, Italian national team coach

Davide Cassani


If you want to improve your performance on a bike, Bikevo is for you. A unique, top-end system designed to accelerate your evolution in the saddle, Bikevo brings the methods and knowledge of professional cycling to non-professionals and aspiring amateurs. To learn the latest, most effective training techniques and optimise your time on the bike, come and join us!


Bikevo works with international coaches and champions from the very top of the sport, household names whose goal is to guide non-professionals towards the best practices in cycling. Working together, we can help you understand your anthropometrics, biomechanics and engine capacity, adopt the most methodical training practices, improve your energy management, optimise your results, and improve your riding technique, safety, diet and overall health.


The typical question is: but how many kilometres do you do in a year?
In fact, what really counts, is not the number of kilometeres, but how we do them: our performance improves not only by doing more kilometres, but above all if we do them well.


Sometimes it’s not easy for everyone to get on their bike and for some it is simply impossible due to rain, low temperatures, fog, short days. And, as we know, cycling is a wonderful sport but it needs time and during the working week not everyone can find the time necessary for even a couple of rides. This is why Bikevo has developed a simple but very effective indoor training method that you can follow using your bicycle on home trainers (even better if “smart” or interactive) or in the gym using a spinning bike.


Bikevo allows you to train with world champion Alessandro Ballan, where and when you choose!

Alessandro Ballan demonstrates this new training method based on procedures developed by the world’s leading cycling trainers.

It is a method that foresees a 12-weeks training plan in the form of video training programme that you can follow where and when you want!