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Bikevo indoor training

Bikevo allows you to be trained by World Champion Alessandro Ballan, where and when you choose!

Alessandro Ballan demonstrates this new training method based on procedures developed by the world’s leading cycling trainers.

It’s a method that can be used by all cycling amateurs, notwithstanding their age or fitness level and that includes a 12-week training plan in the form of training videos that you can follow where and when you want!

These training videos will help you work on your weaknesses and prepare for your races.

The Indoor training programs consist of 24 or 36 videos available in streaming on your desktop or can be downloaded with the Bikevo Player App on your smartphone or tablet.

The videos are available in different formats depending on the connection:

  • HIGH-RES (1920x1080) about 900MB-1GB each
  • MEDIUM-RES (1024x720) about 500MB-600MB each
  • LOW-RES (640x480) about 200MB-250MB each

The complete video training program covers 12 weeks and works with SFR, power, threshold, endurance VO2 max, agility and sprinting sessions.

The percentage of threshold heart rate and the threshold Watt are always indicated and should be followed to obtain the best result possible.

Select your plan

on the basis of the time you can dedicate to your training.
Training is the same for both plans: SFR, power, threshold, VO2 max, agility and sprint.

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    If you are registered with the Maratona Dles Dolomites Bikevo offers you free insurance coverage for you and your bike.

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