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Before using this the website’s platform, please read the following terms and conditions carefully.
Access and use of the website Bikevo.com (the “Site”), as well as access and use of the application “Bikevo” for mobile devices (the “Bikevo App” and, in relation to the Site, the “Platform”) presupposes the knowledge of and acceptance of the terms and conditions as laid out below, that, together with any other page or document referred to therein, constitute the Terms and Conditions (collectively, the "Terms") under which Bikevo s.r.l allows the use of the Platform.
If you are a company or other collective entity, the individual acceptance of the Terms takes place under your responsibility and on the assumption that you have the necessary representative powers.
The present Terms apply to any kind of access and use of the Platform, both by registered users as by any kind of visitor of the Platform and do not modify but integrate any other legal terms or conditions in force between the User and Bikevo.

Information on Bikevo s.r.l.

The Platform is managed by Bikevo S.r.l. (“Bikevo”) with registered office in Via Gaspare Gozzi 1A 20129 Milan and P.IVA 09590610961, active in the amateur cycling sector where it provides functional training services in relationship to indoor cycling ("Services").

Registration and use of the account on the Platform

To use the specific functions and / or sections of the Platform you need to create an account (“Account”), by choosing a username and password and providing all the requested information through the Platform.
The User is responsible for the truthfulness of the inserted data and for ensuring the confidentiality of their access data and all the activities via their Account, unless the User communicates and provides evidence that their Account is and/or has been used by third parties without User’s consent. In this case, the User will undertake to inform Bikevo immediately via the contact information included in par. 13, in the case the User suspects or becomes aware of an illegal use or illegal disclosure of the access data of User’s Account.
Bikevo will not be liable to the User and / or their affiliates and third parties for direct, indirect, or consequential damages, including losses and costs incurred as a result of suspension or interruption of the Service.
Bikevo may cancel or suspend User’s Account at any moment and without prior notice when:
(i) i. It reasonably believes the User is using the Account in violation of these Terms;
(ii) ii. It reasonably believes that a third party is using the Account without the consent of the User;
(iii) iii. It reasonably believes that it is necessary to cancel or suspend the Account because of security reasons or manutention;
(iv) iv. The Account has not been used on the Platform for a consecutive period of two years.
The User can delete their Account at any time by accessing the designated area of the Platform.

Access to services

Bikevo cannot be held responsible in any way for possible damages or inconveniences caused by the suspension or interruption of access to the Site and/or Bikevo’s App whatever the cause may be, also when it is imputable to Bikevo.
The Platform and/or Site and/or some Service and/or applications can be temporarily unavailable, also without prior notice, in case of malfunctioning of the system or interventions of assistance and/or repairs and/or maintenance.

Changes to the Platform and in the Terms

In order to improve the User’s browsing experience and the Services offered, the Platform is constantly changing and, therefore, the form, graphics and/or functions of the Site and/or Bikevo’s App can from time to time change without Bikevo being obliged to notify the User of the changes and related content.
Bikevo reserves the right to modify and/or update the content of these Terms, in whole or in part, and, therefore, the User should regularly access this section to verify from time to time the most up to date version of the Terms in force.

Copyright and license terms

Bikevo is the owner or in any case the license holder of any copyright or any other intellectual or industrial property right in relation to the Services, materials, works and / or audio-video documents generally included in the Platform (overall the “Material”) as well as any trademarks or logo or distinctive sign related to Bikevo (including the names and dominium) and / or in any case attributable to the same (the “Trademarks”).
Both the Material and the Trademarks are protected by copyright law and intellectual property law, as well as by international treaties in force in Italy and worldwide, and therefore any rights exercised on these that are not expressly authorized by these Terms are prohibited.
The reproduction, in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, temporary or permanently, of the Material and/or Trademarks is prohibited in any form. However, the User can print and download one or more pages of the Material, only for strictly personal use other than any commercial, business or professional activity, provided that such reproduction and download activities are performed for legitimate purposes and with regard of, in general, any intellectual property right of Bikevo.
It is further understood that no intellectual or licensing right may be attributed to the User for the sole reason that the User took the Material and / or Trademarks from the Platform, the use and / or exposure of which is expressly forbidden (unless explicit prior written permission is given by Bikevo and / or the holder of the right).

Content of the Platform and absence of Responsibility

Bikevo is not responsible for the contents, information and in general all the material present on the Platform that has been published with the sole intent of providing general informative materials.
Bikevo does not assume responsibility for the incorrect use by visitors and Users of the suggestions present on the Platform, nor guarantees the absence of errors and the correctness of the information made available and Bikevo does not assume responsibility for any data that may be due to errors, or is erroneous or not up-to-date, while specifying that all the contents of the Platform have been disseminated and published only after careful verification of the sources and are accurate and updated where possible.
The information and articles present on the Platform of any kind are meant for informative purposes only and do not intend to provide treatment or prevent health problems, illnesses or clinical conditions, nor substitute the treatment by a doctor or be an alternative to a specialist’s consultation and are the distribution of opinions of the Authors for solely informative purposes.
Bikevo, the authors, collaborators, and any other physical or legal entity connected to the Platform decline any responsibility for the application of advice, free information or information contained in the paid services / products available on this site or subdomains that are instead the responsibility of the User.
Bikevo, the authors, collaborators, and any other physical or legal entity connected to the Platform do not assume any responsibility for information in any form. The free information and the information of every paid product and/or services available on the Platform are not intended to substitute the opinion of the doctor or the relationship of the User with other professional figures or specialists.
The free information and those related to paid services and / or products rather have the purpose of facilitating the communication between professional figures and the User and the User is always advised to consult their healthcare professionals and / or their professional specialists of reference before applying any advice or information obtained for free or for payment on the Platform.
The free and paid information and / or products are intended for people who have reached the age of majority and are in a state of good health. In addition, the information in any form or content is not intended and does not have the purpose of substituting medical advice or substitute other healthcare professionals or professionals in the formulation of diagnoses, therapeutic, dietary, nutritional, training, nutrition or rehabilitation plans. They should be contacted and consulted before you follow any free advice on this site or use any paid product and / or service.
Bikevo, the authors, collaborators and any other physical or legal entity that is related to the Platform are not and will not be responsible neither to visitors nor Users, nor to third parties in general, for any damages or possible damages or losses related to the use of the Platform or otherwise resulting from information, documents and / or materials contained in the Platform itself (i.e. content and / or references in / from third-party sites).
Bikevo, the authors, collaborators and any other physical or legal entity that is related to the Platform do not assume any responsibility for the possible incorrect use by the User of the free information or content of paid products related to the site. Moreover, Bikevo, the authors, collaborators and any other physical or legal entity that is related to the Platform do not respond to damages that may be claimed by the User for any free and / or paid information or content that may hurt their susceptibility or offend their sensitivity.

Bike personal coach

Bikevo invites you to undertake an exercise program and practice your motor skills even if not for agonistic purposes and only after the favorable opinion of your physician, who will certify your state of fitness for the practice of physical activity.
Athletic training and training of the motor skills are meant for healthy people or with paramorphism or physical problems for which physical or motoric activity can be of benefit.
The User who uses the Bike personal coach services must first have a certificate of fitness for sport, which must be valid throughout the period of use of the services.
The User is however required to check his / her health before each test and training and in any case should keep track of their health, also by periodically undergoing visits and examinations.
The User is encouraged to suspend tests and / or workouts and contact a physician or competent professional if they become aware of any discomfort, disturbance or pain.
The initial evaluation test is a means of assessment that cannot take into account all the clinical parameters of the user and cannot therefore be considered a test that is performed with medical equipment or under medical supervision.
Training programs, including texts, photographs, images, graphics, audio, video, audio-video clips and any other material, whether produced by Bikevo, or by Users or third parties, should not be understood to be and should not be used as a substitute for advice, exams and opinions of a physician or other health or professional practitioner for the formulation of a diagnosis and / or treatment plan.
Bikevo, the authors, collaborators and any other physical or legal entity connected to the Platform do not assume any responsibility, nor for the achievement of results and / or objectives through the use of the training programs, nor for any damage deriving from use of the same, as the use of the indications of any nature of the Bike Personal Coach is at complete discretion and takes place under the sole responsibility of the User.
In any case, the User is invited to, in order to maximize the usefulness and effectiveness of the tests and training programs of the Bike Personal Coach service, follow the indications and instructions given, both in terms of preparation for the various activities as how they are executed.

Information of the use of the User’s personal data

The personal data of the User are processed and managed by Bikevo in conformity with the Privacy Policy published on this Platform. To consult our Privacy Policy click here. As laid out in the Privacy Policy, Bikevo has the right to collect, extract, list, summarize and analyze data and information, in anonymous form and without identification of the interested subjects, that result from accessing the Platform.

Materials that are your property – Non-confidential information

Where permitted by the Site and / or the Bikevo App for better use of the Services, the User has the ability to upload and share with other users information, texts, material and / or other documents in general, provided they are lawful, not contrary to laws or laws of morals or could be considered detrimental to privacy or the rights of third parties in general (the "Material").
With the publication, the User declares to exploit the Material at his own risk, without prejudice to his exclusive responsibility for the use of the same (in relation to which he declares and guarantees to have full legal right) and Bikevo cannot be held responsible in any way for the content of the Material, since it is not in any way required to verify the content of the same.
In any case, the User assumes all responsibility and responsibility for the content of the Material transmitted via the Platform and undertakes to hold Bikevo harmless from any claims or actions of third parties, as a result of the disclosure of the Material.
The Material, as well as any additional information uploaded and / or otherwise shared by the User within the Platform (with the exception of personal data that will be processed in compliance with the above), will be deemed "non-confidential" and " without owner ". Bikevo will therefore be authorized to acquire a copy, disclose, in any case, use such Material for any type of purpose, commercial or otherwise.

Virus, electronic pirating and other prohibited activities

The User agrees and expressly accepts not to transmit to / from the Platform any kind of material that may cause damage to Bikevo, its customers and / or third parties in general, such as but not limited to: material containing virus, Trojan horses, worms, defective components, and / or other software from harmful content.
Bikevo cannot be held liable in any way for any damages or disadvantages associated with or otherwise related to this type of malicious material that could potentially get into the mobile devices and / or operating systems of the Users due to incorrect use of the Platform, material content and other sites that may be linked.

Links to the Site and / or Bikevo’s App

The User may create a link to the Site’s Home Page and / or Bikevo’s Application only after written permission from Bikevo, provided that it does not infringe any intellectual property right or any other right of Bikevo and / or third party or, in any case, does not violate any law, regulation, public order, or good habit, and may not mislead the public in the wrong conviction about the existence of any relationship of collaboration or dependence or otherwise between the User and Bikevo.
It is understood that the activation of the link cannot be carried out by a site that is not administered by the User (or in respect of which it does not exercise any title) and must be limited to the Home Page of the Site and / or Bikevo’s App.
In any case, Bikevo reserves the right to oppose the activation of any link to the Site and / or Bikevo’s App as well as to revoke at any time and without prior notice the User's right to create the link to the Site and /or Bikevo’s App, as well as the right to take any other necessary measures (or, as appropriate, on the basis of concrete circumstances) where only a part of this provision is violated.
For this purpose, the User agrees to keep Bikevo completely harmless from any damage that may result from the breach of this provision.

Links of other sites

Any links to third-party websites contained in the Platform may be proposed by Bikevo with a view to facilitating navigation, simplifying links and in any case only for information for the User, who, by using them, leaves the Site.
Bikevo does not carry out any verification and / or controls the activity on third-party sites that are mentioned by the Platform and, therefore, cannot be held responsible for their content, their availability, how they are managed and, more in general, any damage related to their use by the User, who freely decides to access these sites at their own risk and under their sole responsibility.
The User is therefore invited to pay the utmost attention in connecting to such sites through the links contained on the Platform and to carefully read any document relating to the conditions of use and the protection of personal data.

Applicable law and resolution of conflicts

These Terms are governed by Italian law. Without prejudice to the jurisdiction of the natural forum of the consumer, if the User can be qualified as such according to the applicable law, and without prejudice to any other mandatory legal limits, the Court of Milan will have exclusive jurisdiction for any dispute related to these Conditions.

For more information and / or requests related to these Terms, the Services and/or Bikevo in general, you can write to the PEC mail address: bikevo@pec.it

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